by jaymski

1. Maintain a blog.

Chances are I haven’t kicked the bucket yet, and so that means that in the present tense: I’m glad you’re here. Really! I didn’t expect that anyone would ever read these words (aside from my nostalgic self) so it is exciting for me. And yes, there is still time for you to turn back and run now. Which, I advise that you do. Unless you’re okay that I get kind of weird here. In that case, contact me and maybe we could grab coffee together, or just partake in some email correspondence of mutual weirdness.

On the other hand, there is always the sad, stark possibility that you’re reading this after I have kicked my hypothetical bucket. In that case I hope there is enough eugoogaly material here to keep you laughing at the funeral. And not only that, but I hope that you can rejoice with me that there is immeasurably more than enough waiting for us on the other side of heaven, whether or not our bucket list seemed complete.

Before that time comes, join me. Let’s do life.

1. Maintain a blog.