Hi! Welcome to The.Bucket.List.Blog, a.k.a. an account of the things I’ve done before I kicked the bucket. (Yeah I googled it and that is actually what the phrase means.)

Fun Facts About The.Bucket.List.Blog:
1. It began two days before the last final exams of my college career.
2. It is (appropriately) the first item of the self-titled blog.
3. I love it.

Fun Facts About Me:
1. My name is Jaymee. Yes it’s spelled weird. No I can’t take responsibility for that- I got it for my birthday and you have my mom to thank.
2. My childhood was made up of 50% Filipino-Catholic stereotypes, 50% Iraqi-Jewish problems, and 99% Disney Channel Original Movies and 90’s punk rock.
3. Since then I’ve come pretty far in life, and I think my mom would be proud. However, part of the reason I started this blog was for her. I wouldn’t say she lived a bucket-list lifestyle, but by the way she lit up a room you just knew she was utilizing every moment. And she’d want me to do the same. She’d want you to do the same, too.

The people who know me probably wouldn’t say I live a bucket-list lifestyle either. Truth is, I don’t even think bucket lists are the point of life. But I do think they are a means to the duty we have to live life abundantly.

Maybe you agree. Maybe you disagree. Maybe just want to talk about this section of the internet or this section of your life because everything is happening so much. Whatever is eating at you, contact me below. We can chat it out.